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Tools: SMART Goals

2013 02 15 - SMART

So what is this simple SMART tool all about?

Well to put it simply SMART provides you with the easiest way of setting goals for yourself personally or your business no matter the size.  It provides you with a quick and easy to remember guide which ensures your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time based!

To explain SMART, below I am going to use an example of a farmer, who has decided to diversify his livestock farming business by adding sheep to his product mix.

A person would normally set their goal as: I want to diversify my business by adding a flock of sheep to my livestock farming division.


A SMART goal would be:

S – Specific – I will add 10 pink merino sheep to my farm in livestock pen number 10

M – Measurable – The 10 pink merino sheep will be added by 30 June

A – Attainable – Yes my budget allows for me to attain 10 pink merino sheep over a space of 6 months from January to June, I have the space for 10 pink merino sheep in livestock pen number 10 and we have excess feed and water available for 10 pink merino sheep.

R – Relevant – Adding sheep to my livestock farming business is relevant as I am in the business of livestock farming. Therefore I have the necessary resources and knowledge to successfully incorporate sheep into my expanding business model.

T – Time Based – 2 pink merino sheep will be purchased every month starting from this month January up until June.


The example simply shows how SMART works. It keeps your goals simple yet precise! Try it today and see for yourself how simply SMART you can be in setting both personal and business goals


Kind Regards,

Amith Singh


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