Jan 09


Dear Valued Customer,

We have launched our sleek and elegant retail online mall with new products and discount added daily.

Sign-up for our mailing list to receive newsletters, promotions and a 10% discount off you first purchase with us!  Click on the following link SINGHMS RETAIL 10% DISCOUNT

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Nov 09

Tools: SWOT Analysis

So what is a SWOT Analysis and how can it benefit your business or you personally?

Simply put it is an analysis tool used to analyse your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  You can use the outcomes of your SWOT analysis as inputs for a variety of purposes from strategy formulation to opportunity evaluation.

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Oct 19

Follow us on Social Media

Dear Valued Client and Reader,

To keep in touch with our latest blogs, news and events of SINGHMS, please use one of the social media channels on the top bar to follow us on the respective channel of your preference.

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Oct 18

Blogging Good Ideas

Hello Everyone,

In preparation for starting some good taught provoking conversation with you in a series of business blogs and articles.  We would like to invite you to post your suggestions on business topics you would like to see being discussed.

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Oct 17

Time Management

After being asked by numerous business clients and individuals how I manage my time I decided to write a piece on time management, giving the main tips on how I manage my time personally.

Some of the tips below may seem trivial and maybe things you have heard before however, the trick to it all is to actually practice them and not just read and store for another day 😉

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Oct 16

Tools: SMART Goals

2013 02 15 - SMART

So what is this simple SMART tool all about?

Well to put it simply SMART provides you with the easiest way of setting goals for yourself personally or your business no matter the size.  It provides you with a quick and easy to remember guide which ensures your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time based!

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